About Us

TRE was started by Michael Talbert. After many years in the field as a placer, he found himself working in a fabrication plant in Florida. During his time at this fabricator he learned the inner workings of the fabrication world and became the manager of a small satellite plant. During this time he learned the specifics of rebar detailing from a gentleman with over 40 years experience. Mr. Talbert took his experience and moved into the estimating field. He worked as an estimator for a few fabricators around the country and learned the different fabrication and placing methods, and building codes in the different market areas. When he decided to start TRE it was to supply estimating services to a few select fabricators and contractors. He soon realized that there was a true shortage of qualified estimators to handle the amount of work that was being bid nationwide.

Over time the different market areas of the U.S. have changed and so have some of the clients that TRE services. We now know that there isnít a shortage of estimators, but rather a shortage of places for the fabricators, estimators and detailers to get together to make things happen. To overcome this shortage TRE has developed a network of estimators that are here to help fulfill the need for estimating services.

We have estimators in Florida, Colorado, Washington, Texas and Arizona just to mention a few. With the support of our in-house, local and network estimators, there will always be someone available to help meet the deadlines. All of our senior estimators have full access to plans via the TRE Network, assuming plans were sent digital or digitized at TRE, and we can collaborate on projects if need be.

Contact us for more information on becoming a networker or client of Talbertís Rebar Estimating.