How We Estimate

What is Required


♦ All plans and dates MUST BE noted. 

 ♦ All addenda and specs must be noted.

♦ All assumptions and questionable ares must be noted.

♦ All estimates must be broken out by Segments and SubSegments as needed.

♦ All estimate labels will be for “AS CAST”.

♦ All supports for slabs and beams shall be included in the estimate except for bottom layer cast against earth.

♦ All mesh will be taken off without lap. (To be added by fabricator).

♦ All couplers, smooth dwls, dowel bar subs to be included.

♦ Any labels other than our standards shall be noted on the estimate comments page.

♦ After estimate is complete, the estimate and the 3 TRE pages are to be filled out and sent to TRE via email for review.

♦ After review and all questions are answered, a TRE senior estimator shall send the estimate to the customer.