Business Standards

SCOPE OF WORK: All estimates will conform to the CRSI Code of Standard Practice. For estimating reinforcing materials, when not in conflict with the contract documents, local or state building codes.


ETHICS: Estimates done by TALBERT'S REBAR ESTIMATING, INC. will only be available to the contractor or fabricator who supplies the document for estimating. All weights and breakdowns are confidential. The price of the estimate report will be based on the price sheet provided. All jobs are different, and the price sheet provided is used as a maximum and may be discounted at the discretion of Talbert's Rebar Estimating, Inc.


REPORTS: All estimate reports shall comply with the information issue to TALBERT'S REBAR ESTIMATING, INC as to: Bid Instructions Bid Breakdown Alternates and options Segments and Sub-segments as needed Inclusions and Exclusions Specifications and Addendum Quantity, Size, Length, ASTM Specs, Grade and Fabrication Accessories as Required by Contractor or Fabricator.



RELATED MATERIALS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE ESTIMATE: Epoxy or Galvanized coated (will be segmented from plain REINF.) Special Bends or End Preparation Threading (size and type) All Field Weld Reinforcing per Contract Documents. All welded wire mesh per contract documents.



First order for estimate may be C.O.D. unless other arrangements are made prior to the start of the estimate.

All invoices are due within 15 days from the date if the invoice. All invoices are considered past due after 30 days are subject to a 10% increase.


A 5 % discount will apply if the invoice is paid with in 10 days of the invoice. (The 5% only applies if the account is current) This discount is above and beyond any discount given on the estimate invoice. All estimates are sold without warranty as to their being void of estimating mistakes and or omissions just as any in-house estimate.



- Purchase of bid documents will be invoiced at   cost to the buyer.
- Pick up and deliveries will be invoiced at cost.
- Additional copies of the estimate will invoiced at $0.10 per page.
- Travel time will be invoiced at cost.
- Plotting of electronically submitted documents will be invoiced at $4.00 per drawing (Not all drawings will be plotted)


LEAD TIME: The lead time for any estimate will depend on the workload at the time of request. A one week lead time will be acceptable in most cases but it always a good idea to call and check first.


No Estimate worksheets or notes will be issued.